11 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas & Tips

11 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas & Tips
11 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas & Tips

Kitchen remodeling can feel overwhelming with the seemingly endless possibilities of today’s market. Nobody wants to miss out on great space saving ideas AFTER their kitchen has already been remodeled. So we’ve put together a list of a few things to consider BEFORE you begin remodeling.

Here are some ideas that we hope will help guide you along the path to your dream kitchen.


Cabinet above refrigerator1. Consider adding Kitchen cabinet over the refrigerator.

If replacing your cabinets is part of your kitchen remodel, replace the small 1 foot deep double cabinet over the refrigerator with an extended 2 foot deep cabinet so it can be easily reached and used for storage. This allows the cabinet to line up better for the depth of the refrigerator so that you can access it.

If the side of the refrigerator is exposed, then run a skirt down the side of the refrigerator to cover the side.

This could be done with a cabinet refacing project, but it would be more of a hybrid project (Refacing some cabinets and replacing other cabinets). Let your imagination be your guide.


2. Consider installing “Lazy Susans” in your bottom corner cabinets.

These areas are usually very hard to get to and always have the most open space. That is why we usually put the largest items in there, which are also the hardest to get back out.

Not all “Lazy Susans” are created equal. Most have plastic parts that break easily, or sides that do not have a high enough lip to keep things from falling down into the bottom of the cabinet (and can be very hard to retrieve!). Our “Masterpiece lazy Susans” are built to last and do not have those problems. They come in 2 different styles. These can be incorporated into most kitchen remodels involving cabinet replacement or even just cabinet refacing.

The two types we offer are;

spinning lazy susan

The circular Lazy Susans that spin (which is what most people are familiar with). You can either do a single level, or a double decker.

pendulum style lazy susan

The arc shape, or what we call a pendulum style Lazy Susan. This type of Lazy Susan is very special indeed. It reaches far back into the corners of your cabinets and turns out and extends. (Click Here for a video demonstration on our Lazy Susans).


3. Consider replacing some of the shelves in the lower cabinets with drawers to create easy access space.

The bottom cabinets in older kitchens have a lot of shelves that are 2 feet deep. This means you have to squat down or get on your knees to dig through the things in the front, or maybe even remove things entirely to get to the things in the back. This causes you to lose space because you might avoid putting anything in the back at all.

before and after corner kitchen remodeling

Replacing the lower shelves with large drawers means you can pull it out completely and get at anything in the back with ease. Especially if you have heavy duty full extension drawer guides. (Click here for a video demonstration on Full Extension Drawer Guides) This can be done whether you are replacing you cabinets or just doing a cabinet reface.


4. Consider converting 2 narrow side by side drawers into 1 wide drawer.

If you have 2 narrow drawers right next to each other, the space between them is lost. That space can be re-captured by getting rid of the bar in between them and converting the 2 drawers into one. This will gain 4–5 inches in drawer space. This can be done with cabinet replacement and maybe cabinet refacing depending on the current cabinet configuration.

before and after kitchen cabinets

5. Consider converting the top corner cabinets into an angled diagonal cabinet to gain additional space.


corner kitchen cabinet space

There is a tremendous amount of lost space when 2 cabinets meet together in a corner at a 90 degree angle. They are so far away when you try to reach over the countertop and there is a hidden false wall inside at the back where the 2 cabinets meet. The space behind the wall can’t be used in the current configuration.

Converting parts of these 2 cabinets into one diagonal corner cabinet will bring the door closer to the edge of the countertop, making it easier for you to reach. This also eliminates the need for the false wall inside because it is no longer 2 separate cabinets. This type of cabinet is also deeper and gives a much more soothing sight line for the cabinets. This can only be done with cabinet replacement.


6. Consider adding an island if you have the space.

adding an island to a kitchen

Islands are very versatile. They’re almost always a must-have for anyone looking into kitchen remodeling. They can replace a dinette table, greatly increase storage, be a food prep area, be place for a sink, be a bar, or even be a cooking area for the stove top. No matter what you do with an island it will always be an improvement to the function of a kitchen. This can be done whether you are replacing you cabinets or just doing a cabinet reface.


7. Consider adding crown molding to the top, or even the bottom of your cabinets.

crown moulding style

Crown molding not only frames the cabinets, they also add dimension and extend the cabinets toward the ceiling for a more grand look. Since the crown is added separately to the cabinets, you can do many things to highlight them. You can draw attention to it by using a different wood species or color for the crown than the species or color used on the cabinets. You can even add a ribbon inside the crown that is a different species or color than the crown to draw the eye to the crown molding. This can be done whether you are doing cabinet refacing or cabinet replacement.

8. Consider glass doors in some of your cabinets.

Having a few glass doors in your cabinets add variety and create focal points to draw a person’s eye. We can provide virtually any type of glass you could desire. As an option, we can even light the inside of the cabinet to glow through the glass for additional effect.


8. Consider a new backsplash.

before and after kitchen backsplash

Most people have drywall between the top and bottom cabinets. To start with, drywall gets very dirty and can be incredibly bland looking. A new backsplash can really set off your new cabinets and countertops.

The hardest thing is figuring out what kind of backsplash you want. The options are indeed limitless. You can select from any type of natural stone, man-made stone, tile, and even metals such as copper or anything else you can dream up.

9. Consider having a few cabinets or accessories in a different wood species or color as accents.

Dark and light cabinets for contrast

This can go a long way to adding character, contrast and new dimension to your kitchen.



10. Consider using different counter top materials on separate surfaces in your kitchen.

Example: Using butcher block on top of the island but using granite on the rest of the countertops. You could even use 2 different types of granite countertops in the same kitchen. This not only can make things more interesting but could also save you some money on kitchen remodeling. Most kitchens need more than 1 slab of granite but may not need a full 2 slabs, so you’d have to buy 2 slabs anyways in order to cover all the countertop area. It might work out that you can buy 1 slab and then purchase a remnant of a different type of granite at a discount. You save because it is a small piece left over from someone else’s remodel. It can’t be used for a full countertop job but it is enough for say an island. You save money and get a unique kitchen remodel.

11. Consider varying the height and depth of the cabinets.

This adds new dimension and character to a kitchen remodel (not to mention extra storage space). Top cabinets are typically 12 inches deep. Making every other cabinet 15 inches deep to stagger the depth adds a lot of additional space. It is amazing what an extra 3 inches looks like when you start putting things in the cabinet. Of course 15 inch deep cabinets are custom so you’d have to use an upper end cabinet maker and cabinets. The cost is higher but the results are definitely worth it.

full kitchen remodel after photo

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