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We provide complete or partial Kitchen remodeling from the design through the install in phoenix and surrounding cities. This includes new kitchen cabinets, counter tops, flooring, tile, and stone work.

We offer an array of colors, finishes, wood species, and custom organizational option for your new kitchen remodel project. Krasiva Custom Remodelers creates a stunning framework for the entire space. Most older kitchens are poorly designed as far as space management, form, and function. We tailor the new kitchen remodel to the likes and lifestyle of the homeowner.


The hardest thing for the homeowner (in regards to a kitchen remodel project) is that it is very difficult to imagine what it will look like when it is finished. It’s terrifying to think about spending a substantial amount of money for a new kitchen and not being happy with the result. Even showrooms are inadequate because they will never have everything you picked displayed in exactly the same layout as your kitchen.

That is why we use 20/20 Design Software to render the final kitchen remodel for your approval before you spend even one dollar.

kitchen remodeling backsplash travertine

– Installing ‘Lazy Susans’ in Corner Cabinets –

lazy susan spinning style

These areas are usually very hard to get to and always have the most open space. That is why we usually put the largest items in there, which are also the hardest to get back out.

Not all “Lazy Susans” are created equal. Most have plastic parts that break easily, or sides that do not have a high enough lip to keep things from falling down into the bottom of the cabinet (and can be very hard to retrieve!). Our “Masterpiece lazy Susans” are built to last and do not have those problems. They come in 2 different styles. These can be incorporated into most kitchen remodels involving cabinet replacement or even just cabinet refacing.

The two types we offer are;

1. The circular Lazy Susans that spin (seen above, which is what most people are familiar with). You can either do a single level, or a double decker.

lazy susan pendulum stylelazy susan pendulum style 2

2. The arc shape, or what we call a pendulum style Lazy Susan. (Pictured to the left and right) This type of Lazy Susan is very special indeed. It reaches far back into the corners of your cabinets and turns out and extends.

Lazy Susan Video Demonstration;

– Full Extension Drawers –

full extension drawer guides example

A must for any modern kitchen remodel that will make your life easier are full extension drawers. The guides on normal cabinet drawers are simply not strong enough to allow the drawer to extend outside the cabinet because of gravity. Because the drawers don’t extend all the way out, you wind up feeling around inside the back of the cabinet drawer to find whatever you are looking for. There could very easily be something sharp back there to cut yourself on.

full extension drawer guides

Full extension drawers can be incorporated whether you are doing cabinet refacing or cabinet replacement. With our heavy duty full extension drawer guides, your drawers will fully extend to completely clear the inside of the cabinet. When you open the drawer you can see everything in it and find it quickly. You will also find it increases your usable space because you can now use the full depth of the drawer instead of avoiding putting things in the back.

Full Extension Drawer Video Demonstration;

– EZ Close Cabinet Doors and Drawers –

Maybe you have children, young adults, or even full grown adults who are not very careful. If so, EZ close doors and drawers will save you a lot of grief and should be incorporated into your kitchen remodel. With EZ close drawers they can’t slam the doors or drawers. Although having the doors and drawers pretty much close themselves does take some getting used to,  once you do you won’t know how you lived without them. This can be done whether you are replacing you cabinets or just doing a cabinet reface.

EZ Close Cabinet Video Demonstration;

– Adding a Kitchen Island –

New Granite Island Krasiva

Kitchen islands are very versatile. They’re almost always a must-have for anyone looking into kitchen remodeling. They can replace a dinette table, greatly increase storage, be a food prep area, be place for a sink, be a bar, or even be a cooking area for the stove top. No matter what you do with an island it will always be an improvement to the function of a kitchen. This can be done whether you are replacing you cabinets or just doing a cabinet reface.

– Dressing up the Windows Sills in your Kitchen –

dressing up window sill with granite

This can be done using decorative wood, granite, quartz, marble or just about anything else. Any kitchen remodel is costly. Once you have decided to make the investment don’t ignore the extra little things that tie everything together and truly make the kitchen remodel spectacular. Bypassing those extra small touches can diminish the end result that you’ve already spent a lot of money for. Who wants to spend a significant amount of money to remodel their kitchen and stop just short of having what they really wanted just to save those last few dollars?

The kitchen is supposed to be the true focal point of the home. With our design capabilities, project management, and superb installation crews, we will make sure your new kitchen is the true focal point of your home as far as space management, form, and function.

Complete Kitchen Remodeling Before After

In addition to complete kitchen remodeling, we also perform smaller kitchen remodeling jobs a lot of companies aren’t interested in such as Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.This is a good option when you just want to update the look of a kitchen and add more cabinet space without breaking the budget.

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